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Founded in 1999, Zhuzhou Zhenbang Sci-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. has evolved its three core business units [Automotive Parts, Mechanical Parts and Industrial Controls] to be keenly focused on producing the best quality parts for the trucking, locomotive and automotive sectors.  

Zhuzhou Zhenbang Sci-Tech Industry's Automotive Parts Unit was created as a solution for the entire industrial chain, from auto lighting mold design through its manufacture, from plastics processing to large-scale light production.  

This emphatic ideal for employing cutting edge technology throughout the chain has attracted a veritable Who's Who elite of industry. This is why ZZST is an A-Class supplier and sports an A-List clientele.  They produce and export for such esteemed companies as Alstom, GE, Bombardier, the Zhuzhou Times Group, The Haitian Engineering Plastic Corporation, and many more. 

Zhuzhou Zhenbang Sci-Tech Industry's Automotive Lighting Industrial Value Chain

  • Mold Design
  • Prototyping
  • Small-to-Large Scale Manufacturing
  • Plastics Processing
  • Three-coordinate measuring instruments
  • Laser-guided realtime optical measurement tooling
  • Precision numerical control profiling mills
  • Spark pulses
  • Line cutters

Zhuzhou Zhenbang Sci-Tech Industry: Globally Compliant

ZZST is well-versed enough to comply with any and all global standards--producing for American FMVSS, European ECE or Chinese GB certification specifications equally well.  

Zhuzhou Zhenbang Sci-Tech Industry: LEDs Experts

ZZST's exquisite LED-based lines have become a signature in the world marketplace of the highest form and function. These broadly-featured products can be tailored to meet and exceed any standard indices such as like photometric performance, light color, anti-vibration, high or low temperature or moisture quality extremes. 

Why did we partner with Zhenbang?  Quality.  At Haulite, our sterling reputation as a collision warning systems maker begins with the quality of the lighting systems we choose to integrate with. Most truck lighting components have voltage instability, are made with impure metallic circuitry, and are glued together in unsealed acrylic housings at dirty factories.  These systems are prone to degrade quickly in the harsh environments they are manufactured and employed in.  

Zhenbang has a fresh and modern approach to creating lighting products which can stand up to vibration, moisture, salt, temperature extremes and prolonged usage. Their voltage stabilized circuitry is made of extremely high purity materials and are assembled and sealed in lab-quality environments.  

Zhenbang is unique in their techniques for creating tightly sealed housings for their lamps and diodes.  They use extensive advanced joining techniques which do not require any glues.  Their sonically welded components—high quality polycarbonates, PVCs and epoxies—form long-lasting, high integrity seals that are impervious to vibration, moisture, corrosion, salt and extremes in temperature.  This is why we specify Zhenbang lighting.