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The Hall Company® has been a pioneer in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) industry for more than fifty years.  This Urbana, Ohio, based company was one of the first companies to secure a membrane switch patent, and their innovative products helped pioneer space exploration onboard NASA’s Gemini and Apollo missions.  Their form of collision sensing was revolutionized in 1981 when they introducted the premier of their “Big Switch” world's largest membrance switching product.  Subsequent advancements in technology have given them the ability to integrate proximity sensing into this product line as well.

Haulite regards the Hall Company as kindred spirit for their NASA DNA, the high value they place on their company patents.  What's more, they pride themselves as being the pioneer in their respective field.  As an engineering company, they have a lot to offer: they know proximity detection and the science of impact, particularly the time domain just before collision, and what these events mean from an electronics actuation standpoint.  Perhaps the most common thread we share with The Hall Company is the way we both place the Human Machine Interface at the top of the product development value chain.  Human factors understanding must be accounted for for Haulite products to be used properly in the field, and The Hall Company knows this better than any company we've had the pleasure to work with.