the haulite network.


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Tech Support Inspecting a Haulite Collision Warning System

 Close-up of Installed Sensor-embedded Marker Lights

Haulite can retrofit the passive lighting system of a commercial tractor-trailor, transforming it into a smart 360 degree collision warning and security platform.  Data captured by the [now] sensor-embedded smart marker lighting placed around the vehicle exterior is processed and relayed to the vehicle operator's display unit(s) over the J560/existing powerline marker light wiring. The data collection, processing and relay over the powerline (see below) is handled by Haulite IP and software which enables powerline communications. This communications between the smart lighting, the Master Units and the Display Unit is transmitted over the existing vehicular power lines so as not to require additional connections between the tractor and trailer.  Because of this, very little, if any, modification is required to use the system on existing governmental or military logistics vehicles, even if they do not conform to commercial industry standards. 

Ubiquitous SAE J-560 7-Pin Connector


Collision Avoidance Marker-light System as installed in a commercial tractor-trailer vehicle

Dash Mounted Display

Object Detection

Object detection is transferred to a dash mounted display and has plug & play capabilities for additional driver side and passenger side displays embedded in the mirrors.  The display units (shown right, left) plug directly into the marker light fuse circuit located in the tractor cab fuse panel and connect directly to mirror(s) and A-Pillar(s) located on both the  driver and passenger side doors (above). 

The in-cab display shown covers trailer only and presents the operator with a visual indication of the presence and approximate range to potential obstacles (top view tractor trailer with red LED 5ft, amber 10ft and green 15ft). 

The system is designed to be transparent to outside detection -- no additional electronic signature is broadcast.  The system is also designed to blend well with the operator environment, where human interface engineering has been factored into the design.  


Driver Side Mirror Display