the haulite network.


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Haulite Corporation, headquartered in Bowling Green, KY, is a technology and marketing driven company, formed to further the state of the art in driver warning, communications and heavy vehicle lighting systems for civilian, commercial and military markets.  Our "intelligent lighting" design, called CoverHaul18®, allows digital "close proximity information" to be transmitted over a tractor-trailer "existing wiring" infrastucture. 

Our core is our global OEM and marketing platform for fulfillment to any customer any choice of truck lighting system. Our "special sauce" is our collision warning technology which has been adopted by military and commercial users alike.  This includes:  

  • Rear Object Detection Systems (RODS); 
  • Side Object Detection Systems (SODS); 
  • Frontal Object Detection Systems (FODS); 
  • Combination Towing Applications; and 
  • Complete 360 degree Vehicle coverage and security.

Our new product enhancements and next generation collision warning systems will place Haulite Corporation front and center in the global tractor-trailer driver warning industry field. 

Haulite Corporation has sought to level the playing field against industry OEMs like Eaton, Grote and Truck-lite by acquiring our very own China-based capability for prototyping, globally compliant OEM manufacture, sourcing and distribution of a complete line of vehicle lighting systems.  We formed a unique exclusive manufacturing and marketing partnership with none other than truck lighting systems leader, Zhuzhou Zhenbang Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., in The Peoples Republic of China. Just like the other guys, we can offer a full line of lighting products and product development and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy civilian, commercial and military needs from a global perspective.



  • We market and fulfill all passive truck lighting systems, with compliance to all global markets.
  • We fulfill all truck lighting parts and systems and all market configurations for both lamps and LEDs.
  • We market, make, fulfill and service all our smart truck lighting systems. 
  • We make our own powerline communications software.
  • We make our own circuit boards for running powerline communications.
  • We do smart conversions for all truck lighting systems:
    1. from passive to smart; 
    2. from smart to network capable;
    3. from network capable to network(s) interoperable. 
  • We have the IP, software and licensing rights for running powerline communications on all lighting systems.


Haulite can replace or upgrade a passive  off-the-shelf truck lighting system by retrofitting the existing marker lights in the system with sensor-embedded hardware and powerline communications protocol software.  The truck lighting system now becomes a collision avoidance platform that assists in the prevention of collisions resulting in injuries, vehicle repair costs, fleet downtime, loss of property and loss of lives.  

Our product operates by sonic sound detection which allows the driver to be aware of out of view threats that are within contact proximity of the vehicle.  The commercial device operates through the existing truck/trailer electrical infrastructure and encompasses the same housing which is globally an industry standard for vehicle lighting.